Clémence Pollet

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Born in 1985 in Paris, Clemence Pollet grew up in Belgium before returning to live in Paris for her studies. A graduate of the School of Art Estienne, she continued her training in illustration at the School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg.

Still a student, she enjoyed the Erasmus program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna to develop her world: a journey determining in her course! “I plunged back into the engraving that I experienced during my first years of art school. I have practiced etching, aquatint and linocut. My pictures have gained in simplicity and my style has emerged. ”

But make no mistake: Clemence Pollet draws, cuts and paints as much as she engraves! Each album project is an opportunity for the illustrator to explore new graphic processes. Her freedom of expression and approach appeals publishers. Clemence works well with many publishing houses but also with the youth press. As for the readers, they venture into her images with an insatiable appetite.