Florence Koenig

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Florence Koenig lives today in Marseille, but it was in Paris that she grew up and was educated. She trained first at the School of Applied Arts and arts and crafts (Ensaama) and the Decorative Arts (EnsAD). Alongside her work as an illustrator, Florence taught for several years graphic design at the School of Applied Arts Duperré. Since 2011, she devoted herself entirely to the illustration and more personal publishing projects, even if she continues to offer workshops around her albums in school and library.

Since her first album, published when she is a student, Florence has tried many techniques: first watercolors, inks and dry pastel. She began using cutting for a Guinean editor. The books were in two colors because cheaper to print. When she wanted to develop the art for other publishers, she found that the range of colors available for the silk paper she used was very limited… So, she developed her own technique to color these very fragile papers.

Even if it is inspired by reality, the work is not photographic, it simplifies the forms and uses cobbler tools, like the cookie cutter or seamstress like pinking shears, for more geometric details.