Ilya Green

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Ilya Green grew up in Provence, in a small village in the Luberon perched on a hill. Her house was populated with strange objects that fascinated her. It is in these venues feeding imagination that she dreams and escapes often. “Mountain Wolves are gone, but when I sleep, they always come back to my room through the window or arising from a cave that is only there at night. Dream and reality often mixed, I grabbed these figures that haunted me, and I gave them a paper body…” With drawing, Ilya Green found her playground and a way to relive her memories!

After studying literature, film courses, and training in Fine Arts, Ilya Green began composing and publishing her first children’s books. Her inspiration goes from Japanese prints to Gustav Klimt, through the books of her childhood like the one of Agnes Rosensthiel (Mimi cracra).

She now develops a dreamlike and joyful world turned to childhood. “I now live in the south of the Cevennes, with my little boy, in a house at the foot of the mountains. Between albums, posters or commands, I like to resume my graphic experiments, sometimes in connection with children’s books, sometimes not…”