Joanna Concejo

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Joanna Concejo was born in 1971 in Slupsk, at northern Poland. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, she discovered and experimented with a variety of techniques: drawing of course, but also painting, engraving, printed image …

It was during a gap year that she discovered France. There she met her future husband and decided in 1994 to settle in the Paris suburbs. She began working as a visual artist and illustrator. Her drawings were exhibited in various exhibitions and biennials in the early 2000s, before finally being published in children’s books.

Her first album appeared in 2008 (Mr. Nobody and Big and Small), in France and Italy. She has since published a dozen others, got prestigious awards, exhibited her art in the world, up to Korea, where her work has been very successful. Joanna also practices sculpture and ceramics, editing objects with Le Petit Atelier de Paris. She also teaches illustration at art schools in Italy.