Laurent Corvaisier

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Little, on the kitchen table, Laurent Corvaisier draws airplanes and copies the animals’ pictures from calendars. Encouraged by his parents, he left Le Havre and continued his artistic vocation in Paris. He then joined the School of Decorative Arts.

Interested in youth illustration, Laurent approached publishers with his travel diaries. His style seducing, the first book was born, then another … Since then, Laurent is a painter but also an illustrator, with nearly a hundred books to his credit.

Traveler at heart, Laurent visited many countries that continued to feed his painting! The Sahara, Thailand, Iran … What inspires him more than anything, is the life surrounding him: animals, nature, city, his wife, children, people in general … as his reference artists – Matisse, Basquiat, Léger,… – Laurent applies colors on all media: paper, canvas, wood, walls, in fact, anything that can collect paint!

With his colorful and teeming worlds, Laurent takes us to the stars. “In the sky of my world, I make my own stars. Mixing, kneading, all the emotions that are available to me. “