Vanessa Hié

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Vanessa Hie has, as she says, spent most of her time tinkering with paint, scissors, glue and anything that could fall into her hands. So inevitably, after drawing studies at the school Olivier de Serres, she makes it her job, not imagining spending her days doing something else! Today she works at home surrounded by her children and a big cat asleep on the drawing board…

Among her favorite painters, Vanessa cites Joan Miro, Henri Rousseau and Paul Gauguin: painters with an abounding imagination, childlike spirit and that combine the colors boldly as she has fun doing it too.

To create her illustrations, Vanessa starts painting all kinds of antique papers. Then she maher her drawing by choosing those that most match the color and the material she wants to transcribe. She cut small, medium and large pieces she superimposes and arranges before sticking them. Sometimes she adds details with a brush to characterize the forms. These cut papers then become horses, tigers, elephants, and characters of any kind!