Custom Exhibitions

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Today, Galerie Robillard is one of the main places for exhibitions, exchanges and meetings around illustration. Since its beginnings and through its various activities, it has brought illustration to life beyond the borders of books for the pleasure of professionals and amateurs.

Did you know that we can also design your own custom exhibition?


Build up a reference fund, organize your own events, bring a book to life in a different way, educate your audience about illustration …


An art library, a media library, a departmental library, a museum, a school, an association, a cultural center …


Small or large exhibitions, all turnkey, ready to be visited (supervision and tour guide included), from a large choice of illustrators


We discuss your desires, in terms of artistic universes and / or themes, and we make several proposals, adapted to your budget; we then take care of the entire design: all you have to do is enjoy your exhibition!

Choose your formula

Each exhibition we create is tailor-made, and the price depends both on the rating of the chosen artist(s), but also on the accompanying media that we design to showcase these original illustrations.

As an indication, here are some examples of formulas that we offer:

Package 500 € (incl tax)
  • 1 original framed illustration
  • illustrator + illustration presentation panels
Package 2,000 € (incl tax)
  • between 2 and 5 framed original illustrations
  • theme + illustrator + illustration presentation panels
  • 1 set of memory game + 1 game booklet
Package 5,000 € (incl tax)
  • between 5 and 10 framed original illustrations
  • illustrator + illustrations + theme presentation panels
  • 1 set of memory game + 2 game booklets (for children under 8 and over 8)
  • 1 tailor-made trunk for transport
Package 10,000 € (incl tax)
  • between 10 and 20 original framed illustrations
  • itheme + illustrator + illustrations presentation panels
  • 1 set of memory game + 2 game booklets (for children under 8 and over 8)
  • 1 video made in the illustrator’s studio
  • 2 to 3 tailor-made trunks for transport

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find together the exhibition and the formula adapted to your desires.

Some examples…

Here are some examples of exhibitions that we have made on demand for various French and international cultural players. We are at your disposal to imagine yours. Among the collection of illustrations of the gallery, more than 3,000 original works await you … It is also possible to make numbered and signed artprints.

Fanny Ducassé’s studio secrets

6 original illustrations
Educational course in 3 frames: biography, technique and inspirations


Offer a scaled-down version that goes to the heart of one of our retrospective exhibitions.

An illustrated circus

20 illustrations mixing preparatory sketches, originals and fine art prints
Educational course in 6 frames: welcome, thematic and portraits of the artists


Offer different perspectives on a common theme, around the universe of several illustrators.

Parents-children, quite an art

14 original illustrations
Educational course in 1 welcome frame and 13 presentation and game labels


Create a collection of illustrations that can be transformed into flexible exhibitions.