Bazaar nightmares

an exhibition by Cécile Gambini

06/03/2015 - 06/03/2015

Exhibition place:

Gallerie Robillard, 106 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

From Monday to Friday

Exhibition over You can see the remaining works at the Gallery (106 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 11th) and on our website by clicking the link below.
An exhibition around the album artwork Tine or dark thoughts in the closet (Thierry Magnier editions) and original creations by Cécile Gambini. For the occasion, the illustrator is surrounded by a dozen other artists she has invited to represent their demons: Geraldine Alibeu Anna Baker, Marc Boutavant Audrey Calleja, Carole Chaix, Benjamin Chaud, Laurent Corvaisier, Kitty Crowther, Rebecca Dautremer, Aurelia Fronty, Vanessa Hie, Jacques Benoit, Delphine Jacquot, Martin Jarrie, Magali Lehuche Regis Lejonc, Jean-François Martin, Marie Hélène Rameau and Riff
sales exhibition from 7 to 12 March 2015, daily from 10 am to 7pm, 103 rue St Maur, Paris 11th