ABC: the fabulous alphabet

an exhibition by Marion Arbona

Have you ever seen a koala karateka cutting kiwi before a kangaroo? Or a yeti doing her yoga with her yorkshire? In this great album, the illustrator Marion Arbona imagines strange compositions, letter by letter. Discover the magnificent original illustrations, all in graphite pencil (black and white drawings). A work on the letter and the richness of the language. Animals, fruits, objects overlap: a wealth of details that gives everyone the opportunity to invent a thousand wacky jokes. A book to learn, play, and above all dream!

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Grande expo

18 illustrations originales encadrées
10 tirages d’art encadrés
parcours pédagogique encadré
livre(s) associé(s)
livret(s)-jeu(x) et jeu de memori pour le jeune public

price excl.VAT / week:380 €(insurance included)