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Animals: the senses on the lookout

an exhibition by Claire de Gastold

Did you know that the pretty red of the ladybugs is actually a deterrent message sent to the birds or that the opossum drops stiffly on its side producing a fake cadaver odor to fool its predators? Whether it’s about their color or their sense of smell, the animals show incredible gifts and amuse us with their fascinating parades!
Through this documentary exhibition, dive behind the scenes of the animal world with the Animodorat and Coloranimo albums (Saltimbanque editions). Built around the theme of the 5 senses, the exhibition presents a large selection of the magnificent boards of Claire de Gastold.

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Full exhibition

30 framed original illustrations
educational kakemonos
associated book(s)
playbook(s) and memory game for children

price excl.VAT / week:380 €(insurance included)

Small exhibition

10 framed original illustrations and educational sheets

price excl.VAT / week:220 €(insurance included)