Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Galerie Robillard and how it works? You will surely find the answer here! If questions persist, do not hesitate to contact us directly, via the form, the chat or by phone.

What is the Robillard Gallery?

The Robillard Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Paris, specializing in the promotion of original illustrations, notably those of youth albums. If it bears the name of her founder, it is now held by a team of enthusiasts who followed up her work in 2014 and continues to defend illustration as an art in its own right. If you want to know more about our operation, go to our About page.

Is it possible to make a partnership with the Robillard Gallery?

We are always open to proposals for partnership or visibility exchange. We regularly collaborate with publishers (we have even developed a collection with the Thierry Magnier editions, "Les décadrés"), book salons (such as the Villeurbanne youth book festival) and all kinds of cultural actors, private (such as Exploratology) or public.

What is an original illustration?

We call an original illustration a work of art carried out with a traditional technique whose primary destination was a printed medium, such as an illustrated book, a poster or an advertising campaign. An original illustration is generally unique: it only exists in one copy. But some artists create with artisanal printing techniques: in that case, it is an original work if every step of the printing has been realised by this artist.

What is an artprint?

The artprint category brings together all the works printed numerically or mechanically, such as digigraphies, screen printing and lithographs. These works are edited in limited series, which according to the artist and the technique used can usually range from 10 to 100 copies. These prints allow you to acquire works of art at a lower cost, whether they come from traditional creations (whose originals are no longer on sale or quite expensive) or digital creations.

How do I know if an illustration is available for sale?

Our online catalog reflects almost all of our real fund. If you can add the work to the basket, it is available for sale. If it is indicated as "sold", it is because this work has already found a home. If it is indicated as "unavailable", the description will tell you its current location (often exposed somewhere) and the date of its return to the gallery. You can contact us if you wish to make a reservation. Concerning artprints, those indicated as "out of stock" are no longer available and will not be reprinted, the limitation of prints contributing to their value.

Do you have other artworks for sale than those presented in your online catalog?

Our online catalog reflects almost all of our real fund. For the majority of artists, everything we have is showcased on this site. Only the portfolio of Rébecca Dautremer, whose work we have followed from its beginnings, includes additional drawings and paintings visible in our offices or by email on request. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

How do gift vouchers work?

We offer four gift vouchers with fixed amounts, from € 50, € 100, € 150 and 200 €. Once the voucher purchased and the information requested on the product page completed, your recipient can use the code directly on our site , or the amount of the good on appointment in our offices. If you want to establish a gift voucher with a different amount, contact us by email and we will meet your needs.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide, starting from the Colissimo platform in France, which can go through the postal services of your country or by the DPD partner company. For any order on our site, you will receive automatic follow -up from them.

How long does it take for the orders to be prepared?

Outside special periods (winter or summer break), orders are prepared within 5 working days, or approximately a week. This period only takes into account the preparation, not the delivery. Once the order is placed in our postal office, the Colissimo service takes over and will keep you informed of the delivery time, generally 1 to 2 working days in mainland France. You will be notified of all these steps by automatic emails. Regarding the "artprint on demand" and "limited book edition", the preparation time is extended to 3 weeks.

Are the artworks flat or rolled?

All original illustrations, whatever their dimensions, are packed flat. Regarding artprints, they will most often be conditioned in the same way. Only the very large formats will sometimes be sent rolled.

How are the orders packed?

All original illustrations, whatever their dimensions, are packed flat. They are placed in a plastic pocket to protect them from weather, then, for shipping, between two reinforcements in gray cardboard 2 mm thick. In the event of shipping abroad, everything can be protected with bubble wrap for more security. Whether it is retrieval on site or shipping, the works are then placed in a thick cardboard pocket. All our shipments are also insured. Regarding artprints, they will most often be conditioned in the same way. Only the very large formats will sometimes be sent rolled. In this case, the work is lined with tissue paper, rolled on itself, all wrapped in bubble paper before being slipped into the tube.

I have received an artwork from your catalog as a gift, but I would have preferred another. Is it possible to exchange?

If you have received an illustration as a gift, but you prefer another, you can exchange within 14 days with a work of the same price, or more expensive by adjusting the difference. We invite you to make an appointment to proceed to the exchange in our offices. If you are not located in or near Paris, the return of the work by post will be at your expense. We will send you the new work upon reception of the previous one.

My order came damaged, what to do?

In the event of a damaged package at the time of delivery, you can refuse it directly or return the package within 24 hours to your post office. We thank you for informing us by email. After this period of time, the return costs will be your responsibility, and we will reimburse upon reception of the artwork in our offices.

How to return an order?

If you wish to return an order to us because the artwork does not suit you, the return is your responsibility and the work must be conditioned as carefully as it was when shipped to you. You can of course reuse the original packaging if it is intact, taking care to secure it correctly. In case of damaged return, we will not be able to reimburse.

I can’t finalize the payment of my online order, what to do?

Before clicking on the payment button, check that you have: informed all fields with a red star, chose the right shipping or retrieval mode, chosen your payment method (bank card or paypal in the event of shipping) and checked for acceptance of general conditions. When you access the payment modules, whether it is Monetico for the bank card or Paypal, inform all the elements requested by our partners. Above all, take care to type the right figures for your credit card, including the expiration date and the security code. In most cases, you will need to validate payment via your bank's security system (an SMS with a code, connection to your account, etc.). When payment is validated on the Monetico or Paypal interface, do not leave the page without having returned to the recorded order message on our website. If, although having respected all these steps, you still cannot make the payment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Will I pay customs fees?

The artworks and shipping prices never include customs costs. The works are declared under the SH 49119100 code as "images, engravings, photographs". It is up to you to find out about the current fees in your country, which you will have to pay directly to customs. Note that no customs fees is applied for members of the European Union.

Is it possible to pay by transfer or check?

Payment by transfer or check is not available directly from the interface of our site, but you can write to us or call us to place an order with one of these payment methods. The delivery costs will be the same as a conventional order, and you will be able to follow its progress directly from your account.

Is it possible to pay a deposit and pay the rest at the reception?

If we accept deposits for the reservation of a work (50 % of the price of the work at least), the order can only be retrieved or shipped when it has been fully paid. No payment at the reception therefore.

Will I receive an invoice after my order?

When your order will go to the "completed" status, that is to say that it has been delivered or retrieved in our offices, you will automatically receive by email a duplicate of the invoice which is also in the cardboard that you will have received. This invoice also applies as a certificate of authenticity.

What means of payment are authorized on site?

Whether in our offices or during our event exhibitions, we accept all means of payment: cash, check, credit card or transfer.

How to retrieve my order when I chose the retrieval on site?

When your order is validated, we generally treat it within 5 working days (excluding special requests). Once prepared, you will receive an automatic email indicating that it is ready to be retrieved, on appointment only. You can then answer this email, call us, or write to us via the Access & Contact page in order to schedule your passage. We are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and can be available on noon time. It is up to you to propose a moment that suits you, and we will confirm our availability at this time.

Where is the retrieval of orders if I choose “retrieval on site”?

Excluding event exhibitions, the retrieval of orders is always at 106 rue de la Folie Méricourt (Paris 11), only on appointment.

What should I plan to retrieve my order on site?

The artworks of your order will be packed flat in a cardboard envelope. Depending on the size of the artwork(s), the enveloppe will be more or less large. If most go under your arm, it is up to you to anticipate, if necessary, a bag of sufficient size for transport. Indeed, we do not provide bags. Please note, if you have a large work (over 50 x 40 cm), bicycle transportation can be complicated. If you have requested framing, the size of the frame is also to be taken into account. This will be conditioned in bubble wrap, and if necessary (and if possible) in a cardboard envelope.

What type of framing do you offer?

Our frames are all in raw oak with glass and if necessary passe-partout. All formats are standard (30 x 40 cm, 40 x 50 cm, etc.) and chosen according to the dimensions of the work. The passe-partout are off white. We do not offer other framing formulas. If you have specific requests, we recommend the services of a professional framer.

Are the artworks of event exhibitions sold framed?

The artworks of event exhibitions are sold framed (with additional cost) only in the context of a retrieval on site. In case of shipping, the works will be deframed before sending.

Are the artworks shipped/sold framed?

Excluding otherwise mentionned on the product page, none of our works are shipped framed. If you wish to have your work framed during a retrieval on site, please point it out in advance. The price will be communicated to you according to the dimensions of the frame.

Can I have the artwork(s) ordered framed if I chose the “retrieval on-site” ?

In the event of retrieval of your order in our offices, we can indeed frame your work, with an additional cost which will be communicated to you according to the size of the frame. In any case, you must notify us before your retrieval, so that we have time to prepare the supervision. Our frames are all in raw oak with glass and if necessary a passe-partout. All formats are standard (30 x 40 cm, 40 x 50 cm, etc.)

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a certificate issued by the gallery, attesting to the origin of the artwork (generally the artist), its title and its price. When you buy an artwork at the Robillard Gallery, the certificate of authenticity is coupled with the invoice, which you will automatically receive in digital format, as well as in paper format with your order.

Is it possible to put the certificate of authenticity to another name than mine?

It is very possible to edit a certificate of authenticity with another name than that of the person who bought the artwork. As this is a manual approach, thank you for contacting us directly by indicating the name you want to see appear on the certificate, and the artwork(s) concerned.

Is it possible to edit a certificate of authenticity that does not indicate the price of the artwork?

It is very possible to divide the certificate of authenticity and the invoice, in the case of a gift for example. If you wish to obtain a certificate without a price tag, please contact us directly by indicating the name you wish to appear on the certificate, and the artwork(s) concerned.

Can I get a certificate of authenticity for the artwork I bought?

When your order is completed (received or retrieved), you will automatically receive the certificate of authenticity coupled with the invoice, in digital and paper version.

Can I exhibit my works at the Robillard Gallery?

The gallery does not have an exhibition space for rent. We only offer the events we design, with the artists we have decided to represent. If you have published your illustrations and want to join our artists, you can of course contact us. If your work awakens our interest, we will contact you. Keep in mind that we do not propose exhibitions permanently and that we are quite demanding on the projects that we are carrying out. On the other hand, we have more possibilities on the addition of works/artists in our online catalog, which can constitute a good starting point for collaboration and perhaps future events. Do not hesitate to write to us via the Access & Contact page, including a small link on which we can discover your work.

How do you choose your artists?

We favor the illustrators who published, whose original illustrations are generally related to these books. If we like to meet our favorites, we are also open to new discoveries. Do not hesitate to write to us via the Access & Contact page, including a small link on which we can discover your work.

Do artists make tailor-made works?

We present more than 3,000 original works of around fifty different artists. If, despite this diversity, you do not find your happiness and want one of the artists we represent achieving a tailor-made work, you can contact us to discuss your project.

Is it possible to contact your artists directly?

If the artists have not communicated their contact details on their personal site, we cannot do so in their place. However, you can write to us with the message you want to send them, and we will transmit it to them.

When are the next exhibitions?

You can follow the calendar of our events in the agenda section. We indicate the dates, places and artists concerned.

How to get to the exhibition site?

On the exhibition page or on the Access & Contact, you will find the address of the exhibition as well as the opening hours. Unlike our classic operation in our Parisian offices, it is not necessary to make an appointment to visit the exhibition. Please note, no exhibition is held in our offices on rue de la Folie Méricourt.

When can I buy the artworks of event exhibitions?

The sakes open on the evening of the opening, by phone or on site. In the event of a reservation by telephone, the payment must be made by transfer to the IBAN that we will send you by email. Online purchases will be possible from midnight of the same day. The works will be shipped or may be retrieved at the end of the exhibition, according to the terms that have been communicated to you.

Is access to event exhibitions paying?

All our event exhibitions are free and free of access, and open continuously, generally from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This is the case for all art galleries in France: their access is free, do not hesitate to push the door!

During event exhibitions, when can I retrieve the artwork(s)?

If you have acquired an event exhibition's artwork, you will have to wait until the end of it to retrieve your work. On the last day of the exhibition, you can pick it up between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., before the final closure, without appointment. After this period, you will have to make an appointment to retrieve the artwork in our offices at 106 rue de la Folie Méricourt (Paris 11). Have in mind that our offices are not open on weekends, unlike event exhibitions.

Who can rent a traveling exhibition?

The traveling exhibitions, designed "turnkey", are intended for culture professionals: library, media library, school, fair, museum, theater, etc. These are the structures that establish their exhibition calendar. We cannot communicate their programming to you.

What is the difference between a “full exhibition” and a “small exhibition”?

The "full exhibition" is the full version of an exhibition to rent, as we have originally designed it, with all its illustrations and the entire educational panels. The "small exhibition" is a miniature version extracted from this "full exhibition": it is therefore not a complementary version of the exhibition. It is limited to 10 illustrations chosen from those of the "full exhibition", and the educational panels are printed in a4 booklet. No playbook or scenography objects accompany the "small exhibition".

What does the rental fee include?

The weekly fee of our exhibitions for rent includes the rental of the content as well as insurance. The price does not include transport (to be carried out by you or quoted separately on request), or any interventions by artists.

Is the weekly fee decreased for several weeks rental?

The price per week communicated on the pages and exhibition sheets is fixed. In the event of a very long -term rental, or for several simultaneous rentals, we can discuss a suitable rate. You can contact us to discuss it.

Are the exhibitions for rent insured?

All the components of our exhibitions for rent, whether the artworks or associated objects, are insured nail to nail by the Robillard Gallery. That is to say at the start of our premises, on the round trip route, and in your premises. It is advisable to respect the conditions of exposure which are indicated in the convention which will have been transmitted to you (and in particular the prohibition to expose the works in direct sunlight or outside).

How is the transportation of the exhibitions for rent?

The content of the exhibitions for rent, packaged in transport trunks, is to be retrieved in our premises in Ménilmontant (Paris 20). Transport can be carried out by you, with a personal or service car, or by a professional transporter that we mission. In this second case, we will send you a specific quote for transportation. We usually work with Geodis/France Express, which is not specialized. We can also offer you the services of a carrier specializing in works of art, but whose prices are higher. Do not hesitate to inform us of your preference in terms of transport.

What to do if I can’t find the theme that interests me?

We can think together about a new theme, either taken from our illustration fund, or in connection with other illustrators. After putting up the list of your needs and possibilities, we will send you a quote for the realization. To launch the discussion, you can write to us or call us via the Access & Contact page.

Do the illustrators automatically accompany the coming of their traveling exhibition?

We leave the organization of their agenda to the discretion of illustrators, and in particular their coming on the places that exhibit their work. If you want them to intervene in your space, we invite you to contact them directly, or, if you cannot find their contact, to send us the message you wish to send them, that we will pass. Renting a traveling exhibition does not guarantee the artist's coming on site.

Is it possible to buy a traveling exhibition?

Yes, and we can adapt to any of your requests. Many formulas are possible. For example, we can copy an exhibition of our catalog, but what we prefer is to imagine each time the tailor-made exhibition that corresponds to your desires. For more information, go to our page or contact us.

How to be kept informed of the news of your exhibitions for rent?

We publish a paper gazette named "Le Nouvel Illustré" twice a year, in which we give the latest professional news from the Robillard Gallery. If you wish to receive it, do not hesitate to write us by communicating your postal contact details.