Fanny Ducassé

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Fanny Ducassé spent two years at the Syndical Chamber of sewing to study fashion. She created, with felt already, colorful female characters. With the encouragement of one of her teachers, she began giving a more narrative feel to her drawings. In 2015, Fanny published her first short story: From the lemon tart, tea and stars.

Her illustrations in fine black felt and colored Promarker are breathtakingly precise and abounding. To date, Fanny has published several books, showing each time a long and detailed work. These albums full of wisdom are filled with these thousand little things that incites smile and happiness, and they all have something in common: they are a tribute to life and nature! Reading her stories and contemplating her drawings is a way to ensure a trip to a dreamy, poetic and tender world.

In parallel to the book illustration, Fanny realizes small objects for specific orders, as notebooks for example. She also leads drawing workshops for children.