Kitty Crowther

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Kitty Crowther lives and works in Belgium. Born in 1970 to a Swedish mother and an English father, she found, in the work on the album, a space to communicate her questions and her emotions. His childhood was marked by a propensity for dreaming and a great sense of observation. Very early on, she invented stories that enchanted everyday life, and developed a strong taste for nature. She continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and at the Saint-Luc school, always with the aim of being a “storyteller”. In 1994, her first album, My kingdom, was released. Since then, she has continued to publish.

Quickly recognized in Belgium and France, her work, mainly published by Pastel editions (l’école des loisirs), is now translated in many countries. She was crowned in 2010 with the Astrid Lindgren Prize, the supreme international award for authors of children’s and young people’s literature.

Photo : Théodore Bauthier / insta b.C.theodore