Rébecca Dautremer

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Still graphic design student at the decorative arts of Paris, Rébecca Dautremer began working in the mid-1990s as an illustrator for the Gautier-Langueau publishing house where she realizes her first works: Coloring notebooks. While the illustration of a first album is entrusted to him, then a second … his trait becomes precise and his style can be fine.

With the book the lover (2003), Rébecca finds his “way of painting and putting the color” and conquers the heart of the public. It has ceased to develop its universe, affecting close to that of tales (Babayaga, princesses forgotten or unknown, the secret newspaper of the little poucet) and revisiting classics of literature (Cyrano, Alice in Wonderland) or contemporary novels (silk).

With one of his latest projects, Rébecca Dautremer even tackles the most famous of all books, the Bible (2014). In a spirit of both respect and full freedom, the illustrator pushes the boundaries of his art: a work as fascinating as virtuoso. With the rich hours of Jacominus Gainsborough, Rebecca creates for the first time characters inspired by the animal world.