Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Galerie Robillard and how it works? You will surely find the answer here! If questions persist, do not hesitate to contact us directly, via the form, the chat or by phone.

What is an original illustration?

We call an original illustration a work of art carried out with a traditional technique whose primary destination was a printed medium, such as an illustrated book, a poster or an advertising campaign. An original illustration is generally unique: it only exists in one copy. But some artists create with artisanal printing techniques: in that case, it is an original work if every step of the printing has been realised by this artist.

What is an artprint?

The artprint category brings together all the works printed numerically or mechanically, such as digigraphies, screen printing and lithographs. These works are edited in limited series, which according to the artist and the technique used can usually range from 10 to 100 copies. These prints allow you to acquire works of art at a lower cost, whether they come from traditional creations (whose originals are no longer on sale or quite expensive) or digital creations.

How do I know if an illustration is available for sale?

Our online catalog reflects almost all of our real fund. If you can add the work to the basket, it is available for sale. If it is indicated as "sold", it is because this work has already found a home. If it is indicated as "unavailable", the description will tell you its current location (often exposed somewhere) and the date of its return to the gallery. You can contact us if you wish to make a reservation. Concerning artprints, those indicated as "out of stock" are no longer available and will not be reprinted, the limitation of prints contributing to their value.

Do you have other artworks for sale than those presented in your online catalog?

Our online catalog reflects almost all of our real fund. For the majority of artists, everything we have is showcased on this site. Only the portfolio of Rébecca Dautremer, whose work we have followed from its beginnings, includes additional drawings and paintings visible in our offices or by email on request. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

How do gift vouchers work?

We offer four gift vouchers with fixed amounts, from € 50, € 100, € 150 and 200 €. Once the voucher purchased and the information requested on the product page completed, your recipient can use the code directly on our site , or the amount of the good on appointment in our offices. If you want to establish a gift voucher with a different amount, contact us by email and we will meet your needs.