Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Galerie Robillard and how it works? You will surely find the answer here! If questions persist, do not hesitate to contact us directly, via the form, the chat or by phone.

I can’t finalize the payment of my online order, what to do?

Before clicking on the payment button, check that you have: informed all fields with a red star, chose the right shipping or retrieval mode, chosen your payment method (bank card or paypal in the event of shipping) and checked for acceptance of general conditions. When you access the payment modules, whether it is Monetico for the bank card or Paypal, inform all the elements requested by our partners. Above all, take care to type the right figures for your credit card, including the expiration date and the security code. In most cases, you will need to validate payment via your bank's security system (an SMS with a code, connection to your account, etc.). When payment is validated on the Monetico or Paypal interface, do not leave the page without having returned to the recorded order message on our website. If, although having respected all these steps, you still cannot make the payment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Will I pay customs fees?

The artworks and shipping prices never include customs costs. The works are declared under the SH 49119100 code as "images, engravings, photographs". It is up to you to find out about the current fees in your country, which you will have to pay directly to customs. Note that no customs fees is applied for members of the European Union.

Is it possible to pay by transfer or check?

Payment by transfer or check is not available directly from the interface of our site, but you can write to us or call us to place an order with one of these payment methods. The delivery costs will be the same as a conventional order, and you will be able to follow its progress directly from your account.

Is it possible to pay a deposit and pay the rest at the reception?

If we accept deposits for the reservation of a work (50 % of the price of the work at least), the order can only be retrieved or shipped when it has been fully paid. No payment at the reception therefore.

Will I receive an invoice after my order?

When your order will go to the "completed" status, that is to say that it has been delivered or retrieved in our offices, you will automatically receive by email a duplicate of the invoice which is also in the cardboard that you will have received. This invoice also applies as a certificate of authenticity.

What means of payment are authorized on site?

Whether in our offices or during our event exhibitions, we accept all means of payment: cash, check, credit card or transfer.