Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Galerie Robillard and how it works? You will surely find the answer here! If questions persist, do not hesitate to contact us directly, via the form, the chat or by phone.

Who can rent a traveling exhibition?

The traveling exhibitions, designed "turnkey", are intended for culture professionals: library, media library, school, fair, museum, theater, etc. These are the structures that establish their exhibition calendar. We cannot communicate their programming to you.

What is the difference between a “full exhibition” and a “small exhibition”?

The "full exhibition" is the full version of an exhibition to rent, as we have originally designed it, with all its illustrations and the entire educational panels. The "small exhibition" is a miniature version extracted from this "full exhibition": it is therefore not a complementary version of the exhibition. It is limited to 10 illustrations chosen from those of the "full exhibition", and the educational panels are printed in a4 booklet. No playbook or scenography objects accompany the "small exhibition".

What does the rental fee include?

The weekly fee of our exhibitions for rent includes the rental of the content as well as insurance. The price does not include transport (to be carried out by you or quoted separately on request), or any interventions by artists.

Is the weekly fee decreased for several weeks rental?

The price per week communicated on the pages and exhibition sheets is fixed. In the event of a very long -term rental, or for several simultaneous rentals, we can discuss a suitable rate. You can contact us to discuss it.

Are the exhibitions for rent insured?

All the components of our exhibitions for rent, whether the artworks or associated objects, are insured nail to nail by the Robillard Gallery. That is to say at the start of our premises, on the round trip route, and in your premises. It is advisable to respect the conditions of exposure which are indicated in the convention which will have been transmitted to you (and in particular the prohibition to expose the works in direct sunlight or outside).

How is the transportation of the exhibitions for rent?

The content of the exhibitions for rent, packaged in transport trunks, is to be retrieved in our premises in Ménilmontant (Paris 20). Transport can be carried out by you, with a personal or service car, or by a professional transporter that we mission. In this second case, we will send you a specific quote for transportation. We usually work with Geodis/France Express, which is not specialized. We can also offer you the services of a carrier specializing in works of art, but whose prices are higher. Do not hesitate to inform us of your preference in terms of transport.

What to do if I can’t find the theme that interests me?

We can think together about a new theme, either taken from our illustration fund, or in connection with other illustrators. After putting up the list of your needs and possibilities, we will send you a quote for the realization. To launch the discussion, you can write to us or call us via the Access & Contact page.

Do the illustrators automatically accompany the coming of their traveling exhibition?

We leave the organization of their agenda to the discretion of illustrators, and in particular their coming on the places that exhibit their work. If you want them to intervene in your space, we invite you to contact them directly, or, if you cannot find their contact, to send us the message you wish to send them, that we will pass. Renting a traveling exhibition does not guarantee the artist's coming on site.

Is it possible to buy a traveling exhibition?

Yes, and we can adapt to any of your requests. Many formulas are possible. For example, we can copy an exhibition of our catalog, but what we prefer is to imagine each time the tailor-made exhibition that corresponds to your desires. For more information, go to our page or contact us.

How to be kept informed of the news of your exhibitions for rent?

We publish a paper gazette named "Le Nouvel Illustré" twice a year, in which we give the latest professional news from the Robillard Gallery. If you wish to receive it, do not hesitate to write us by communicating your postal contact details.