Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Galerie Robillard and how it works? You will surely find the answer here! If questions persist, do not hesitate to contact us directly, via the form, the chat or by phone.

What is the Robillard Gallery?

The Robillard Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Paris, specializing in the promotion of original illustrations, notably those of youth albums. If it bears the name of her founder, it is now held by a team of enthusiasts who followed up her work in 2014 and continues to defend illustration as an art in its own right. If you want to know more about our operation, go to our About page.

Is it possible to make a partnership with the Robillard Gallery?

We are always open to proposals for partnership or visibility exchange. We regularly collaborate with publishers (we have even developed a collection with the Thierry Magnier editions, "Les décadrés"), book salons (such as the Villeurbanne youth book festival) and all kinds of cultural actors, private (such as Exploratology) or public.